"The most Corrupting Influences in Washington"

In 2012, George Holding promised that he would fight against the "most corrupting influences in Washington". What was this evil force? Special interest PACs. 2012-George believed that "good conservatives" get corrupted by these PACs and begin to be less conservative; ignoring the promises made to, and the values of, their constituents. We couldn't agree more, but don't take our word for it, listen to 2012-George himself. So, what would 2012-George say about the 2018 campaign statistics below?

$789,987 from PACs

You read that right, 68.7% of his contributions come from Special Interests PACs. Another 30.3% come from large individual donors (like Blackstone Group). That accounts for 99% of his donations or $1,081,860.00 (roughly). That is quite the investment for a single cycle

Enough already!

 In his own words, George has fallen victim to the “most corrupting influence in Washington” and become part of the problem. 

It's time to elect a representative with a proven track record. As a combat veteran, Allen Chesser has proven that he will carry our values into hostile environments and hold the line.  We can trust Allen to stand on his principles of Integrity, Duty, Honor and Sefless Service against the corruption the controls Washington.