Allen Chesser

Christian - Constitutional - Conservative


It's time to take on the Washington establishment! Entrenched career politicians have controlled things for too long and the Conservative agenda has been abandoned. President Trump has called for us to “Drain the Swamp” and vote them out! Sadly, Congressman Holding has proven that he too often sides with the swamp establishment.  

Join me today as I continue to fight against corruption and ineffective leadership in Congress. My values are simple; Faith, Family and Freedom. However, these values are under attack and it will take more than words and broken promises to preserve our rights. As your Congressman, I will represent you with unwavering passion and a servant's heart. We can not continue to sit by silently as our freedoms are stripped away.

I am seeking the Republican nomination for the North Carolina 2nd Congressional district, the primary will be held on May, 8 2018. I ask for your prayers and your support.


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Change Washington!