Government Spending

The government has grown too large and spends too much. The  government regularly spends money it doesn't have and continues to increase spending while willfully ignoring growing debt and deficits.


Washington, D. C. has forgotten our veterans, while express lanes are being created to help refugees obtain benefits. It is time to make our veterans a priority in order to honor those who are willing to die for our great country.


Social Security Disability, Medicare and Welfare programs account for a large portion of federal government spending. Entitlement programs must be properly managed if we are to make them sustainable for future generations.


A change to our immigration policy is long over-due. Our current system is far too expensive and resource consuming.

States' Rights

Many  of the issues clogging the wheels of the federal government, leading to  inaction, should not be under federal jurisdiction. Article 4 Section 1  of the U.S. Constitution, if applied, would handle most of the  contentious issues of today.

National Security

The security of our nation and its' citizens should be the highest priority of any elected official.