Government Spending


Our debt is the single greatest threat to our national security. The government has grown too large and spends too much. We regularly spend money we do not have, increasing spending while willfully ignoring growing debt and deficits. We can not allow Congress to continue to saddle our children with unpayable debts.



Our immigration system is one of the most generous in the world, however, our porous borders allow our benevolence to aid in our collapse. With an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants (approx. 600,000 in NC alone), our system has become overwhelmed. Until we secure our borders, we can not have the sovereignty sought by those immigrating and fought for by our founders.



The Declaration of Independence is very clear, the first Right granted to us by Almighty God is Life. All other rights are dependent on first being able to live. We should be defending the Right to Life during all it's phases. 

Constitutional Liberties


As the debate rages on over FISA, Red Flag Gun grabs and Net Neutrality, the protections prescribed in the U.S. Constitution are being eroded and erased. Both parties have been guilty of increasing government authority at the cost of individual liberties.