Action -or- Rhetoric?

The Omnibus of 2018?

George Holding can be found on social media bragging about voting against the Omnibus bill, but he clearly voted "YEA" during the procedural vote. The procedural vote precedes the floor vote and sets the rules that will apply to the floor vote (Note: most bills that pass a procedural vote will pass a floor vote) For the Omnibus, these rules disallowed amendments and debate. Keep in mind that House members had less than 24 hours to review the bill prior to the vote. George Holding voted "YEA" to a bill that he (nor his staff) had time to read (it was over 2,200 pages). This bill provided funding for Planned Parenthood, Fix-NICS (gun control) and Sanctuary cities. 

Courage to Fight Lobbyiest?

The picture above is taken from George Holding's campaign website. He talks about  having the courage to say "no" to special interest lobbyist. But lobbyist with investment banking firms credit him, George Holding,  for supporting a section of the Tax Plan known as the "Carried Interest Loophole". The preservation of this loophole directly conflicted with a campaign promise that President Trump made in 2016.

More to come ...